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Exterior Back

Interior W Bathroom Door

Washer and Dryer Hookups $800

Water and electrical hookups for a stacked washer and dryer (30 Amps)

Option Available

Oven $1,500

Hey, if you're all about that baking life, isn't it the best when your oven starts to do its thing and that heavenly scent fills the whole house?

Option Available

Dishwasher $2,440

Hey there, isn't it amazing to have a dishwasher that just takes care of the mess while you kick back? Sparkling dishes, no scrubbing required – pure magic!

Option Available

Shower with Glass Door $1,150

Do you ever step into a shower with a crystal-clear glass door and feel like you're in a spa? It's like your own personal retreat – just you, the warm water, and a moment of peace. Total game-changer, right?

Option Available